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  Asian and Oceanic Society for                                Paediatric Radiology

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The Asian and Oceanic Society for Paediatric Radiology (AOSPR) is a society of Paediatric Radiologists in the Asian and Oceanic region stretching from Turkey and Jordan in the West to Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines in the East and covering all points in between.. The AOSPR is dedicated to the promotion of Paediatric Radiology in the Asia-Oceanic region through cooperative research, teaching and education.

The Society aims to establish close ties with the many regional national societies.   Furthermore the AOSPR has close ties with International Paediatric Radiology societies such as the Society for Paediatric Radiology (SPR), European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR), and the Sociedad Latino Americana de Radiologia Pediatrica (SLARP). By close cooperation with these societies and dedication towards education and research, the AOSPR strives to achieve its aim of improving healthcare standards in the imaging of children.

Latest updates

1st KKH CT MR Pediatric Symposium and Workshop: 17-18 September, 2016. KK Hospital Auditorium Training Center, Level 1, Singapore. More info here

SPECIAL AOSPR 2016: 10-12 Oct 2016, Borneo Convention center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
First announcement. More details available at the website:

Launch of the AOSPR
Education website! The AOSPR has also launched a new Educational Forum, the "Asian and Oceanic Forum for Pediatric Radiology". Congratulations to the Editorial Board and the web development team!

The 2st Volume of AOfPR is already out! Do check out the "Education" tab above or the Link here..

Link to the latest WFPI Newsletter

WFUMB is running a survey and seeking worldwide input on infection control to establish new guidelines. PLease log onto the survey here


"2016 Neonatal Ultrasound Course. Why, how and when an ultrasound image ?" Florence, Italy: 15-18 March. The course is open to Pediatricians, Radiologists and Neonatologists. Endorsed by EFSUMB. More info at:  web.aimgroupinternational.com/2016/ultrasound    email: ultrasound2016@aimgroup.eu

WFPI YOUTUBE Education Channel: WFPI has launched an educational channel for Pediatric radiologists!! Do Follow this Link

AOSPR 2016: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 10-12, October, 2016. More info to follow..



World Federation of Pediatric Imaging

 The AOSPR is a founder member of the World Federation of Paediatric Imaging (along with the three other major international paediatric radiology societies, namely the Society for Paediatric Radiology (SPR), European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR), and the Sociedad Latino Americana de Radiologia Pediatrica (SLARP).   More about it...


World Federation of Pediatric Imaging